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Sunday Go to Meeting Bun! Posted by lamarzulli on January 12, 2014

Guest Sunday Bin – Mark Conn! http://markconn.org/the-rabbi-ariel-sharon-and-the-messiah/

The Rabbi, Ariel Sharon, and the Messiah

During Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) several months before his death in January, 2006, one of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, gave a message in his synagogue. There was nothing particularly unusual about him speaking on Yom Kippur. What was unusual, however, was the contents of this particular message.

During the message, he announced that he had met the Messiah. He went on to describe to his listeners how they would recognize the Messiah and that he had revealed the Messiah’s identity in a note that was to remain sealed for one year after his death.

There was one other interesting thing that Rabbi Kaduri revealed during his Yom Kippur message, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

On January 28, 2006, Rabbi Kaduri passed away. One year later his sealed note was opened – and its contents sent shock waves through Judaism.

It read:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name, He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

This I have signed in the month of mercy, Yitzhak Kaduri

So what does that mean? What’s so shocking about that?

The sentence in bold italic above contains the abbreviation of the name of the Messiah.

Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim

In Hebrew, it reads:

ירים העם ויוכיח שדברו ותורתו עומדים

The initials spell the Hebrew name “Yehoshua.”

In English, we know that name as “Jesus.”

With one of the most respected Rabbis in Israel revealing that he had met the Messiah, and that His name is Jesus, it’s no wonder he wanted to wait for a year after his death to reveal what he had written!

The note received only modest coverage in Israel, and some tried to explain it away as a hoax or a forgery. Even Rabbi Kaduri’s son, Rabbi David Kaduri, tried to deny its authenticity. However, Rabbi Kaduri’s own website, http://www.kaduri.net, recorded the sealed note and its scheduled opening on the one-year anniversary of the Rabbi’s death. When David Kaduri was shown this information, he explained that in his last year his father had talked and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and about the Messiah’s soon coming. “My father has met the Messiah in a vision,” he said, “and told us that he would come soon.”

Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, Kaduri’s grandson, said his grandfather spoke often during his last year about the Messiah, His soon coming, and redemption through the Messiah.

In an interview with Israel Today, two of Kaduri’s followers admitted that the note was genuine, but that they were confused by its content. “We have no idea how the Rabbi got to this name of the Messiah,” one of them said.

Why would any Jewish rabbi, let alone one of such high standing as Rabbi Kaduri, claim that Jesus was the Messiah?

There was one more thing that Rabbi Kaduri revealed regarding the coming of the Messiah, and this one more additional detail is particularly relevant right now.

He revealed that the Messiah would not come until Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, had passed away. Ariel Sharon suffered a massive stroke on January 4, 2006, and has been in a coma since.

Why is that so important right now?

On Wednesday, January 2, 2014, Zeev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center, told reporters regarding Ariel Sharon’s condition “I am no prophet, but the feeling of his doctors and his sons … is that there has been a change for the worse.” After Sharon suffered a kidney malfunction, Rotstein indicated that Sharon’s doctors expect a rapid deterioration in several life-sustaining organs. ”We are defining his condition as critical, and there is definitely a threat to his life,” he said. “The feeling of everyone … is that this decline is very serious.” UPDATE – Ariel Sharon passed away January 11, 2014, just a few days after this article was originally posted

Let’s wrap this up and consider what it could mean.

A highly-respected rabbi announces that he’s met the Messiah, and that His name is Jesus. He’s coming soon, but not before the death of Ariel Sharon, who has been in a vegetative state for eight years but whose condition is now rapidly deteriorating and whose death seems imminent.

So what could this mean? As I see it, there are several possibilities:

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri is a liar and concocted this elaborate deception for some unknown reason. This is totally out of character for this man. What would he gain with such a “stunt” other than possibly ruining his reputation? In my opinion this isn’t really worth consideration.

Jesus Christ actually appeared to Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri and revealed something about Himself and the timing of His return, or

The message the Rabbi received was not from Jesus Christ, but from an imposter, an “anti-Christ,” for the specific purpose of misleading the people of Israel to follow him when he is revealed, and continue to reject their true Messiah.

If the reality is either of the last two, it could mean that the time of the end is drawing closer – maybe even at the door! What do you think?



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