L.A. Marzulli’s Blog – Missing Planes – Where Did They Go?

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli
Malaysia Politician Slammed For Suggesting Flight MH370 Disappeared Into A “New Bermuda Triangle”

Read more at http://www.ryot.org/malaysia-politician-slammed-suggesting-flight-mh370-disappeared-new-bermuda-triangle/597273


What happened to Flight 370? Was it hijacked and flown to an unknown location? Did it disintegrate in mid-air due to an explosive? Did it crash into the jungle? Why haven’t authorities been able to find the black boxes on board? Why isn’t there any wreckage in the ocean? Why was there no May Day call from the pilots? Why did the plane radar signature vanish?

CLose enocunters of the third kindI’ll go out on a limb here and discuss what will be considered “fringe.” In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there are several scenes in which ships—like the ones you see from the movie to the left—suddenly appear in the desert. There are also the five Navy Avenger planes, lost for years in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle which appear also! http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/aircraft-squadron-lost-in-the-bermuda-triangle By the way, in reality no trace of those planes have ever been found and their disappearance decades ago launched one of the greatest searches in naval history!

So where is flight 370? Is there perhaps a supernatural explanation to its disappearance or am I reaching here? I would posit that most likely we will see some wreckage of the plane and come to an understanding of what happened. But what if we don’t? What if it doesn’t turn up? I cited the disappearance of the Navy Avengers, because their disappearance has never been solved, so we do have precedence for planes seemingly vanishing into thin air. Then there’s Travis Walton, who went “missing” for almost a week—he was abducted by a UFO—and yet to him it seemed like only a few hours. http://www.openminds.tv/travis-walton-reveals-new-theory-on-fire-in-the-sky-abduction-971/15886

So this brings me to the UFO phenomena. There are hundreds of sightings per month world-wide. These sightings are in plain sight and also appear in the in fared spectrum. UFOs have been formally recognized by heads of state and countries all over the world, yet in the USA the subject is scoffed at and treated with ridicule. The supernatural is treated in much the same way. Even most churches don’t really embrace the supernatural aspects of the Bible, or the prophetic thread which runs from Genesis to Revelation.

I believe we live in a supernatural world. Events can happen which make no sense to us at all and can defy our physical universe. UFOs making right angle turns at incredible speed. Crop circles mysteriously appearing over night in fields that are being watched. People being abducted and telling of how they pass through the windows of their room while the window is shut! People with hours of missing time and no way to account for it. Shamans that turn into animals; I’ve actually seen video footage of such a being while I was at the the Navajo Reservation last year.

In closing todays post: I hope the people on board flight 370 are somehow OK, even thought I suspect they’re not. Is the vanishing of Flight 370 linked to an act of terrorism, mechanical failure, or something more supernatural? We don’t know. In the meantime loved ones have gone missing and peoples hearts are in despair. We need to pray….

“Please continue to pray for my father – Pastor Dan Crestman – he is currently in the emergency room. There was lots of blood in his stool this morning and they don’t know where he is bleeding from. He feels awful. He is out of pain at least and I think that’s due to all the prayers Saturday and Sunday. I can’t thank you enough for covering him in prayer.”



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