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http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/this-world-bank-insider-will-blow-you-away-there-is-a-huge-global-conspiracy_03082014 (Go to the 23 minute mark)

What we have found out, and this sounds implausible, but it is absolutely correct… the fact that is has been held in secret doesn’t mean that it’s not true… it is true… there’s a second species on this planet… they’re not extraterrestrials… remnants of their civilizations are all over the place… this group has large brains… they’re very distinct from homo sapiens… We know this because their DNA was just tested… they have skulls all over the place, because they have been on earth with us.

Many of us have long suspected there are cartels that include leading financiers, politicians, business conglomerates, and secret societies working together to achieve their goals of maintaining power, control and stability over the citizens of every country in the world. They will do so by whatever means necessary. The investigations conducted by Karen Hudes and her colleagues have shed a lot more light on the conspiracy. It turns out that it’s not just theory. It’s fact.

Melissa sent me this post yesterday and I was blown away by what I was hearing! I have to set the scene first. Karen Hudes, who is a lawyer, is being interviewed about the global banking conspiracy. Out of the blue—at the 23 minute mark— she makes the statement that is above in italics. She makes the statement: We know this because their DNA was just tested.

Where did she get that information from? I can’t help but wonder if she’s picking up on what Brien Foerster announced a few weeks back that preliminary testing from the Paracas skulls showed that the mtDNA did not match anything in the data bank.

She also alludes to a second species that are on the earth. What is she referring to?

I realize the subject of the Nephilim is a highly controversial topic and there are many who won’t even consider it plausible. The Nephilim are the byproduct or progeny of the fallen angels and the women of earth. This unholy union produced the hybrid being known as the Nephilim. In my opinion, when Genesis 6, states, the Nephilim were on the earth and those days and also afterward, when the sons of god—fallen angels—went into the daughters of men and had children by them, it means exactly what it says. There were multiply incursions throughout history. Think about this. Josephus, a first century historian wrote almost 2000 years ago.

There were till then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and
terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any credible relations of other men.

So according to Josephus there was another incursion and in my opinion it was not the second incursion it was more than likely the 4th one. I believe the Fallen One has been attempting to create man in his own image and likeness. I believe this is still ongoing and in fact will reach a climax with the mark of the beast, which I believe will change the hosts DNA turning him or her into a Nephilim. While I realize this might sound far-fetched, how else do we explain the judgment from a loving God, to send anyone with the mark into the lake of fire? It is the same lack of grace and mercy we see in the days of Noah, in what befalls Sodom and Gomorah and then during the conquest of Canaan, where Joshua and Caleb are told to wipe out all the inhabitants in the land? This is genocide and there’s no way to wiggle out of it, unless there is something else going on! The Nephilim are once again in the land.

So, is there a remnant of these beings on the earth now as Karen Hudes believes? I don’t know, but I will defer to an interview we conducted in Watchers 5 with Christopher Blake. Blake stated that there is a group of men and women who call themselves, The Sons of the Nephilim. He went on to sat that these people are waiting to install their man, the Antichrist in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

In closing todays post. There’s no way to vet Karen Hudes story at least not yet. I have emailed her and will call her today as I want to find out where her source for the information about the DNA came from. In the meantime, I will be revealing some new information in Orlando which is the basis for On the Trail of the Nephilim II. I have been in the field in different parts of the Americas and I have discovered some interesting artifacts which I believe will bolster our theory that the Nephilim were in the Americas.



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