L.A. Marzulli’s Blog – Dr. Roger Leir Passed Away on Friday…

Today is a sad day to report the passing of Dr. Roger K. Leir, we have lost a great family man, podiatrist and devoted ufologist. He will be greatly missed by all.

I was in my car yesterday when Richard Shaw phoned and told me.

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what I asked.”

“Oh, I guess you haven’t heard yet.” He paused for a moment and I heard in his voice that something was wrong. “Roger died yesterday of a heart attack…”

“What?” I said in disbelief, stunned by what I was hearing.

Richard continued letting me know that Roger had gone to the doctor because his ankle was flaring up again. He went into the bathroom and apparently had a heart attack while in there. Efforts to revive him failed.

I first met Dr. Leir or as Richard and I have come to call him between us, Uncle Roger, at a MUFON meeting in 1999. Nephilim had just been published and I went to the meeting to see author Barry Chamish, who had also written a book on the Nephilim. While there I was introduced for the first time to Dr. Roger Leir. I had heard about him and his recent extraction of an alleged alien implant. We talked for a while about UFOs and implants and then I asked him, what the implant looked like.

He reached into his coat pocket and produced a small vial and looking at me with an impish grin said, Here it is, want to take a look?

I was taken aback realizing that I was about to hold the implant myself. He popped the lid of the continuer and then let the implant fall into my open palm. That’s who Roger was. You never really knew what he was going to tell you or show you.

Roger was in all of the Watchers films, and is the focus of Watchers 7. He was the pioneer of implant removal and his commitment to the research in this field will be sorely missed. He was a friend and I will miss him.

The picture above was taken during the 17th implant removal. Roger assisted in the surgery.

Death is never convenient and the sting of it has wounded my heart.

Please pray for his wife and family….





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