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Posted by lamarzulli on March 21, 2014
Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzull

Israel can’t rely on ‘weak’ US to deal with Iran, Ya’alon warns | The Times of Israel http:/

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Monday issued a scathing critique of the Obama administration, declaring that Israel cannot rely on the US to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, accusing the administration of broadcasting weakness throughout the world, and warning that its perceived weakness was inviting further terrorism against US targets.

“This is a war of civilizations. If you are perceived to be weak, that certainly does not pay in the world. I hope the US will reassert itself.”

Yalon nails it when he states, “This is a war of civilizations. If you are perceived to be weak, that certainly does not pay in the world. I hope the US will reassert itself.” It is a war between civilizations and the present US leadership at the moment either doesn’t grasp this or is deliberately ignoring it. Is Obama dismantling our defense part of this “weakness”? Why have over 200 key officers been terminated from their posts? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/12/gordon-transforming-the-us-military/

Apparently, Mr. Obama and his team have no problem marginalizing the U.S. armed forces — and it shows. Maybe his top aide Valerie Jarrett said it best when addressing a four-star general, Army Vice Chief of Staff Peter Chiarelli, at Washington’s Alfalfa Club dinner in 2011. Mistaking him for a waiter, she asked him, “Could I please get another glass of wine?” Yeah, that about sums it up.

Charles Krauthammer has called Obama’s lack of action an executive command an amateur hour! http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/08/31/krauthammer-amateur-hour-president-obama-syria

Is Obama a puppet, controlled by a shadow government which is behind the scenes? Is he acting according to orders he gets from this alleged secret cabal? Are their forces trying to collapse the United States? Conspiracy theorists believe this is so and it certainly makes me wonder why this president would terminate over 200 key military positions unless there was some agenda to collapse the country by an invading outside force.

Back to Yalon. He understands that Israel has been essentially thrown under the bus. All the tap dancing form John—swift-boat—Kerry isn’t going to change that! Even if the so called Palestinians come to an agreement with the Israeli’s all that need happen to void any kind of deal is for the Palestinians to elect someone new to office who in turn will say that he never signed the agreement, thus there is no agreement and the rocket fire will start up again.

In closing todays post: What we have is two sets of religious beliefs that are loggerheads with each other. Both are based on supernatural events that happened millennia ago. Yalon looks to the eat and understands all to well the intentions of the Iranians. Like Hitler the Iranians have made it very clear that they will destroy the Jewish state. Yalon is wise to heed the warning !



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