The Real Agenda News – Iraq’s Descent into Chaos “Predicted” by Cheney in 1994

Iraq is not falling into sectarian hell because the United States and the British did not invade Syria, or because these two western inquisitors did not occupy Iraqi territory long enough.

The descent of Iraq into complete mayhem was planned carefully and meticulously many years ago. Back in 1994, former US Vice president, Dick Cheney himself ‘warned’ against invading Iraq, taking over Baghdad and removing Saddam Hussein. This action, Cheney said, would drive Iraq into chaos. So why did the United States did exactly what the west, according to Cheney, did not have to do?

Because western inquisitors did want Iraq to fall into chaos, but they wanted it to happen at the right time, under the right circumstances.

After most American troops left Iraq, and over a decade after the American invasion of a country that had nothing to do with the so-called war on terror, Saddam’s former stronghold is no longer a nation, but a fractured piece of land dominated by the most recent incarnation of religious extremists. The ISIS fundamentalists have taken 4 cities in Iraq and are moving towards the capital of Baghdad. On their way there, they have murdered thousands of soldiers and Christians who just happened to live in the middle of their path and the US and NATO have done nothing to stop them.

The United States is not guilty for the most recent murder rampage in Iraq only because of its role in destabilizing the country since 1991, but also because the American’s have been knowingly arming groups of terrorist rebels in Libya, Syria and Iraq. The type of weapons and means of transport used by ISIS to carry out their intifada against the Iraqi Army and Christians there are American weapons and equipment, not Syrian or Libyan.

The United States has been setting Iraq up at least since the late 1980s to aid itself in ‘having’ to occupy the Middle East for reasons we all know already. Saddam’s attack against Kuwait had the blessing of the United States. The war on terror and the claim that Hussein had WMDs was a hoax, as we already know. The same can be said about western accusations against Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria.

While in Libya the Americans set up their own people to keep secret the fact they were trafficking weapons into the country, in Syria terrorist rebel groups such as ISIS, sat around waiting for American weapons and equipment to arrive through Libya. These weapons are today in the hands of the ISIS army, which is one of the ‘moderate’ groups that the United States government and congressmen from both sides of the aisle promised to support and fund.

The complete picture about why Iraq is in the situation it is today is explained in detail by in their video titled “The Fall of Iraq – What You’re Not Being Told.”

The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and many other countries around the world have absolutely no justification, but they do have one thing in common: The determination to invade, destroy and leave those countries in shambles was made a long time ago, as Wesley Clark confessed on the video. The reasons for such invasions and destruction is very clear, too. The United States and the other western inquisitors have planned to go into the Middle East to occupy it and ravage it for its resources at all cost.

Don’t let Obama’s rhetoric about pulling the troops out of Iraq fool you. The United States and NATO are in the Middle East to stay for a long, long time. The reason why there is no official time table to solve military conflicts there is because the west does not intend to leave.

Obama is now waiting for Iraq to get much worse so he has a reason to deploy even more troops than the 300 or so he has already sent to ‘protect’ the US compound in Iraq. What they United States really want is just another reason to ‘have to go back into Iraq’ which in turn will allow the west to set a strong foot on the region once and for all so that western forces can drive across the border to take on Syria.

After Syria, the western inquisitors will move on to Iran, as the document cited by General Clark clearly states. If anyone thought that Russia’s annexation of Crimea was ridiculous, think about America’s annexation of the Middle East, with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and other African countries under the control of NATO and the United States. And on the other side of the street there will be Russia and China, which by then will be completely surrounded by American and G7 military forces.

Do you get the picture? What are you going to do about it?


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