L.A. Marzulli’s Blog – Chaos on the USA Southern Border, IRS Clowns In Washington, and WWIII In the Middle East

Commentary and Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

While the chaos continues on our southern border and the arrogant IRS “Clown” continues to tap dance around the issue of six computer hard drives crashing at the same time, the Middle East is undergoing what may be the nascent beginnings of WWIII and the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

Specifically Isaiah 17, Psalm 83—See Bill Salus http://www.prophecydepotministries.net — and or, Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Distraction is in full gear at the moment, here in the states, Nancy Pelosi has graced our southern border with her presence, welcoming the illegal aliens with open arms and declaring them to be Americans! God help us!

To see the absurdity of this, why not bus about 3000 US citizens to let’s say, Tijuana, and ask for amnesty and see what happens!

I’m sure the Mexican government would put them all in jail and deport them! While this latest insanity from the Obama administration is cause for alarm it is, in my opinion, a distraction!

The real news, is the spreading of the radical army of ISIL which if it continues will affect the world’s oil supply and completely destabilize the Middle East.


Maps are important and show us at a glance the situation in Iraq, Syria and what threatens Jordan, and lastly Saudi Arabia.

First of all, ISIS should be ISIL. Islamic State of Syria and the Levant.


The Levant includes the nation of Israel, so perhaps it is a deliberate mis-translation by our media, to fudge the anagram from ISIL to ISIS.

ISIL has made it very clear they wish to establish an Islamic Caliphate which would include Syria, Iraq, Jordan,Lebanon and Israel.

That is their goal and they are in the process of implementing all available resources to accomplish it. Hence the “L” in the anagram is Levant, and should be a wake up call! This radical Islamists group has its eyes set on Jerusalem. Remember what the radical cleric Highazi stated, Jerusalem will be the capital of the new United Arab States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI3wG3loKlA

As we can see by the Map, ISIL has made significant advances into the Quagmire of sectarian violence that is Iraq. ISIL has called for the head of the Jordanian King, Abdullah, so he’s going to have to respond to the very real threat on his border.

The ISIL terrorists see Jordan’s Western-backed King Abdullah as an enemy of Islam and an infidel, and have publicly called for his execution. ISIL terrorists recently posted a video on YouTube in which they threatened to “slaughter” Abdullah, whom they denounced as a “tyrant.”


Jordan has a treaty with Israel and the USA and according to the DEBKA file, this is being honored with a force of 12,000 US soldiers backed up by our air force.

Our Washington sources report that Brig. Gen. Dennis McKean, commander of the joint US-Jordanian-Israeli underground Centcom-Forward war room established near Amman, has already received instructions to place the 12,000 US soldiers and USAF F-16 fighter squadron positioned in Jordan on the ready.


In closing todays post. The situation remains unstable and serious as ISIL continues to expand its territory. The prophecies of the Bible seem to be ready to be fulfilled right before our eyes. There are those who claim to be Christians and yet know nothing of prophecy, instead substituting the prophetic words in our Bible, with their own private visions and revelations. They place these visions over what was written thousands of years ago by the prophets and even dismiss the words of Jesus as being to negative. We are warned by our Messiah, Jesus, the one who died for all humanity, the coming King, there would be wars and rumors of war. If we believe in Him, how then can we then neglect such a dire warning. The unfulfilled prophecies of Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38, loom in front of us as ISIL, carves up swaths of the Middle East claiming the territory for its own. The distraction continues, but for those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the coming of our Lord must be soon and before it does, we will greet Him in the air! When you see these things begin to happen look up, because you’re redemption draws nigh!



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