Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog- “Red Alert” app notifies you every time rocket is fired at Israel so you can pray.

RedAlert-apps the security situation in southern Israel deteriorates rapidly, we need to be praying without ceasing.

More than 220 rockets have been fired at Israel by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza since July 1st.

On Monday evening alone, more than 100 rockets were fired at Israel.

At one point, they were coming in at about one per minute.

Let us, therefore, pray faithfully:

for the Lord to restore calm on the Israeli/Gaza border

for Palestinian leaders and security forces to move decisively to arrest those committing these war crimes, firing at innocent civilians

for Israeli leaders to have wisdom to know how best to protect their citizens

for safety for Israelis and Palestinians caught in the crossfire

for the Lord to comfort people on both sides, reveal His Word to them, and draw them to Himself

This morning, Lynn and I learned about an APP called “Red Alert: Israel” We both installed it on our iPhones. It alerts us every time a rocket is fired at Israel. It also tells us what city or town is being targeted.

We’re using it to pray for Israelis and Palestinians each time the alert goes off.

It’s a FREE APP, and you can get it on iTunes – here’s the link. I’d encourage you to download it and use it to pray every time the siren sounds. Please let other people know about this and encourage them to download the app and use it to pray, as well.


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