L.A. Marzulli’s Blog – WWIII Update – If this was any other country it would be an Act of War!

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

Israel Launches Military Offensive On Hamas-Ruled Gaza Strip To Quell Rocket Attacks


“We are preparing for a battle against Hamas which will not end within a few days,” Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said in a statement. “We will not tolerate missiles being fired at Israeli towns and we are prepared to extend the operations with all means at our disposal in order to keep hitting Hamas.”

More than 80 rockets in steady stream from Gaza to expanded targets. Sirens in Modiin, Rehovot


There is not the slightest chance of the Palestinian Islamist Hamas halting its three-week barrage of rockets against Israel in the foreseeable future, high-placed sources in Cairo, Washington and the IDF told DEBKAfile’s military sources Sunday night, July 6. They all agreed that Israeli-Gaza border tensions would continue to escalate in the absence of serious Israeli military punishment for cutting Hamas down.

Israeli military launches new Gaza airstrikes, prepares for potential ground invasion


Nearly 300 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel in recent weeks, including a barrage of close to 100 projectiles on Monday alone, the military said, a huge surge after years of relative quiet that followed a previous Israeli campaign to root out Gaza rocket launchers.

Note: The Map on the left is from 2012. Nothing much has changed has it?

While our southern border continues to be violated by illegal aliens who, with the help of our Federal Government, are seeking amnesty, the real place to watch, in my opinion, is the Middle East. There are two places which may erupt into an all out war… oh wait both already are! In Iraq ISIL—Islamist State of Iraq and the Levant—continues to set up Sharia law and expand its territory. In Israel, HAMAS—the terror organization sworn to the destruction of Israel—is reigning rockets on the Jewish State. Any other country would declare war and take action. However, this is Israel, and somehow it’s perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the world that HAMAS be allowed to shoot at least a few dozen rockets without reprisal. (Please see Sundays’ Bun copied from the Golden Report)

ISIL terrorists kill 50 tribal gunmen in Iraq http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/07/08/370425/isil-terrorists-kill-tribal-gunmen-in-iraq/

The entire region is erupting as Syria continues its bloody civil war with the body count rising daily and with no end in sight. Syrian rebels now control the Golan Heights, which has acted as buffer for Israel ever since the Six Day War.


So why should we care? The Bible makes it very clear what will happen in the days before the Return of the True King, Jesus. There will be wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times. There is also this: The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases millennia ago. (See Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural) What we are seeing is the clash of two distinct beliefs, that of Islam and the Judeo/Chrisitian religions. While our media would never dream of mentioning this as would not be politically incorrect and would be deemed as Islamaphobic, nevertheless, this is the underlying cause of what is transpiring in the region.

There are two distant and separate supernatural events which have greatly influenced the body politic in both countries. There is simply no way around this and it brings us full circle to the prophecies which are written in our Bibles which I believe are extremely relevant in these tenuous times we find ourselves facing.

In closing todays post: War is already at Israel’s doorstep. Can you imagine if you lived, in lets say El Paso, and had to run for a bomb shelter once or twice a day as the Mexicans were reigning rockets down on the town? Do we really think the USA would tolerate this? Of course not and this is why Israel needs to strike the head of the snake and rid the world of the terrorist organization, HAMAS once and for all.



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