The Hal Lindsey Report – ISIS Rising

By Hal Lindsey

With all of our attention focused on Israel lately, and rightly so, it may be shocking to learn that there are dramatic – actually catastrophic – events happening elsewhere in the Middle East.

On Thursday, President Obama announced that he had decided to approve the airdrop of humanitarian supplies of food and water to almost 40,000 encircled and besieged Yazidi refugees stranded on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq. He also indicated that he had approved the use of “limited” airstrikes by U.S. forces against the aggressor ISIS forces that seek to annihilate them.

Not much has been reported about help for the ancient religious community that fled to a craggy mountaintop where there is no cover from the 120-degree plus heat. Many are dropping dead from exhaustion and lack of food and water.

Had President Obama not made his photo-op press announcement before he headed off on vacation, you would probably have not heard about these breathtaking developments until they had actually become unstoppable disasters. The mainstream media, Europe, and the United Nations are too busy beating up on Israel and madly trying to recuse Hamas.

But we are witnessing what may be a complete reshaping of the situation in the Middle East. This is due to the rise of the most dangerous radical Islamic power of modern history. In fact, General Jack Keane, former Army Chief of Staff, and presently a national security analyst for Fox News, said on Friday, “This is the most significant threat to the Middle East that I’ve ever observed.”

ISIS, now calling itself simply “The Islamic State,” is the radically hardline Islamic jihadist group that was part of the movement quietly supported and funded by the United States to oppose Bashar al-Assad. It is quickly becoming evident that ISIS is a much greater threat than the West has previously thought.

While using the best of American weaponry and supported by our money, rogue elements of al Qaeda and other radical terrorist groups banded together a group of Muslim fighters. They stealthily began to organize and train a formidable army of seasoned and highly motivated terrorists.

Their radicalism is particularly focused on either converting or annihilating Christians and other religions. Their ultimate goal is to destroy Israel and the United States. They already have planned the most devastating attacks ever on US soil.

ISIS is presently fighting in Syria. It also took part this week in a significant action in Lebanon at the same time as it was capturing Kurdish and Christian cities against a well-regarded, but under-armed, Kurdish force. A group able to work on three fronts at once is impressive. This week they also took control of two more oil fields in Iraq.

They have declared the territory they control in central Iraq to be a new Islamic caliphate and have sworn to see the ISIS flag fly over the White House.

Jordan is very vulnerable to them. If Syria falls, then ISIS will be next door to Israel.

Now, before you pooh-pooh that notion because you’re not hearing it in the mainstream media (which is keeping it quiet to cover up for the administration), keep this in mind. One of the reasons Syria has not fallen to the ISIS-led opposition is because Hezbollah is in Syria fighting beside Assad’s forces. Hezbollah is Shi’ia Muslim while ISIS is Sunni Muslim, which makes them practically mortal enemies. Since ISIS is now stirring in Lebanon, Hezbollah may have to withdraw and return home to defend Lebanon. If that happens, Syria’s fall is more likely.

If more of Iraq falls, ISIS will have access to the southern oil rich region of the country. Kuwait wouldn’t have a chance. Saudi Arabia is vulnerable to them, as are the states surrounding the Saudis like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen — the greatest oil riches of the world.

ISIS is ruthless beyond belief. So brutal that even al-Qaeda has disowned them. On one day in late July, they executed 1,500 captured Iraqi soldiers. After taking over Mosul, they created a new town charter that calls for all the women, “married or not,” to make themselves available for the sexual use of ISIS soldiers in order to “cleanse themselves” (the women).

Sadam Hussein built the Mosul Dam, in part, as a threat to the Shia population in Iraq. Remember, Saddam was part of the Sunni minority that oppressed the Shia majority. Fox News reported that ISIS captured the dam on Friday. Even if they don’t fully control it yet, it seems inevitable. I heard an expert on Iraq say yesterday that Mosul Dam is “a weapon of mass destruction,” because it threatens so much of the Shia-dominated portion of Iraq. National security expert and retired Marine Colonel Jack Kelly says that if they breach the dam, it will put Baghdad under 15 feet of water.

ISIS is not an immediate threat to the United States, but with President Obama’s initial help and subsequent blind eye, they have already undone the good of vast American effort in Iraq. They love to talk about running their flag up at the White House. They fully believe that will happen in the foreseeable future.

Perhaps even more frightening – and certainly more immediate – is the fact that there are at least 100 Americans and a thousand or more Europeans fighting in the ISIS ranks. These traitors have passports that would allow them easy access to the United States. To a terrorist, a European passport is like gold and an American passport is platinum! They are also cunning enough to cut their hair and disguise themselves as normal western travelers.

We Americans need to pray as never before for God to awaken and call to action the Christians that are left in our country. Satan has raised up a formidable enemy that is especially dedicated to destroying Christians. And there are fellow Americans who hate us as never before.

We need to learn our Bible promises and believe them in all situations. And we need to lead as many as possible to faith in the LORD Jesus Christ.

We are in the very last days of the Church Age. Christ’s coming for us in the Rapture has never been so obviously near as it is now. But some of us had better be ready to become martyrs for our faith. It may well happen here in America – be prepared in your faith. Maranatha!


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