LA Marzulli’s Blog – Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Sunday Bun by L. A. Marzulli

Matthew 6:15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Jesus

Soooo. I’m working out in my garden yesterday. I was cleaning out a 10 foot, elevated bin that I “invented,” which is also 3.5 feet off the ground to fend off the pesky gophers, squirrels and rabbits. I was getting ready to plant some lettuce from seed. I was minding my own business and just enjoying the moment alone in my garden. A thought popped into my head about a brother who not only deeply offended me but also said some nasty stuff about my children.

Well, I began to agree. How dare he! I thought!

What a jerk!

The guys an idiot and I’m glad I don’t associate with him anymore.

By engaging in this seemingly innocent thought stream I have just opened myself for an attack from the enemy. I have, in fact given him legal right because of unforgiveness in my heart. I have opened the door to all sorts of junk from the Fallen One.

About an hour later the attack began and I went into warfare mode. There is a book I access daily, How to Rout Demons & Break Curses by John Eckhardt—highly recommend a copy for everyone! There are some good “arrows” for my quiver in that tome. I also have some goodies on my I-Phone, and some favorite scriptures committed to memory, so I’m ready to go.

However, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention what I had entertained in the garden. How I had let the thought of unforgiveness go unchecked. In fact I had planted the seed of bitterness! I repented and the Lord’s peace came upon me and the attack from the one who seeks to rob, kill and destroy us stopped, as he no longer had legal right to access me.

This is the key for all of us, forgiving others the junk that they’ve done to us. It doesn’t matter what the wrong is, forgiveness is the key. Forgiving those who have hurt us sets us free from the self-created prison we have constructed due to our unforgiveness. By no means does this excuse the wrong, but it does keep us in good standing with the Father, as is evidenced from the scripture above.

When Jesus hung on the cross He looked down at the Roman soldiers who had scourged him within an inch of His life, who had spit on Him, who had shouted insults and taunted Him, who had mocked him with a crown of thorns and who had driven the cold, iron spikes through His writs that pinned Him to a horrific instrument of torture, the cross, and forgave them for they know not what they do….


In closing todays Bun. Forgiving others allows the Father to forgive us. It’s very straight ahead what we are to do and yet, most of us have harbored bitterness at some point in our lives. We should learn to drop this like a hot potato. Bitterness and unforgiveness is not worth holding on to and in the end will poison us internally and may even lead to sickness. Forgiveness is the key that sets us free! Do not allow a root of bitterness to spring up. Dig it out with the spade of forgiveness. May the Lord’s peace be upon all of us today….


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