L.A. Marzulli’s Blog – Wars and Rumor of Wars…. Is WWIII Beginning?

by L. A. Marzulli

Leaders of Iraq’s Anbar province call for U.S. ground forces to stop ISIS


Iraq asks for US ground troops as Isil threaten Baghdad


Middle East Updates / Bombings kill 45 in Baghdad, outskirts


Syria Kobane toll `passes 500′

While our media is concentrating on Ebola, which I firmly believe is a classic wag-the-dog campaign, WWIII is most likely beginning in the Middle East. ISIL is about to overrun Iraq’s Capital city, Baghdad, and there’s nothing the Iraqi’s can do but pray the US comes to their aid. Heads up. This is not going to happen and thus, if Baghdad falls, and I predict it will, it’s a major game changer in the region. Next stop? Amman Jordan? Kuwait? Let’s hope and pray that when ISIL takes over the Iraqi capital we won’t see a bloodbath, similar to what happened when the Viet Cong took over South Vietnam, or Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia which left over 3 million annihilated in some of the most gruesome killing in the history of mankind.

ISIL is about to up the ante when they take Baghdad. They will have the oil revenues, the oil fields and the military hardware left over by the US at their disposal. This victory will most likely go to the leadership’s heads and they will believe they are victorious because of their devotion to Allah. They will believe falsely, that they are invincible and this will most likely create a false boldness in them and then they will strike out at the neighboring countries to further expand their Caliphate which will, in some way, be legitimized by taking the Iraqi capital. Jordan is in their cross hairs, as is Saudi Arabia, with Mecca and Medina as the ultimate prize. We are hearing stories of Muslims who are leaving their countries, traveling to the Middle East to join ISIL and help establish an Islamic Caliphate.

While most Americans are busy following the Ebola story, in my opinion our focus should be on what is happening right now in the Middle East. Thousands of people are being displaced from their homes in Kobane and I would speculate the folks in Baghdad are more than uneasy. Will Israel enter the fray at some point? Will there be a coalition of countries coming together like they did in the Gulf War to stop ISIL? Will Iran feel threatened and thus come to the aid of the Iraqi’s and protect Baghdad?

In closing today’s Bun-sort-of: Jesus admonishes us to watch the signs of His coming. Folks can argue that examining the headlines and tying to tie them to prophetic scripture has nothing to do with solid interpretation. Respectfully, I would disagree. We know that Jerusalem has become a rock of stumbling to the whole world, just like the Bible predicted. We see Israel gathered and established in her ancient homeland. We see the rise of antisemitism reaching heights not seen since the 1930’s in then Nazi, Germany, except it’s global. We are told that when we begin to see these signs-and you will notice the first warning is that of wars and rumors of wars-we are to look up because this is our indication that He’s about to return. It’s really heating up and this may be the beginning of WWIII.



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