This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ – November 7, 2014

Over the last few months, the world has been stunned by the sheer barbarism and brutality of the Islamic terror group known variously as ISIL, ISIS, or Islamic State.

Mass murder, torture, crucifixion, beheading, rape, plunder, enslavement, and wanton destruction are business as usual for these Muslim-terrorists-on-steroids.

As a result of their full-bore, take-no-prisoners (and if you do, kill them), give-no-quarter battle fervor, ISIS intimidates most who would oppose them. This includes the Iraqi Army. That’s where ISIS has gotten so many of its arms and so much of its equipment. The Iraqis abandoned them on the battlefield and ran.

It seems that the Kurdish fighters, the Peshmerga, are the only ones who aren’t cowed by ISIS.

As I’ve previously reported, even al-Qaeda has distanced itself from ISIS because of its unbelievable brutality. Until now.

Even though al-Qaeda had publicly disowned ISIS, the differences were about internal politics, not core values. For weeks now, those political differences have been melting away.

Various al-Qaeda franchises have announced their loyalty to ISIS. Even several leaders in the Pakistani Taliban have deserted Mullah Omar and switched their allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS and self-proclaimed “Caliph of all Muslims and the Prince of Believers.”

Some of al-Baghdadi’s followers think he is the Mahdi or Muslim Messiah.

The Fiscal Times recently noted: “The merger of ISIS and al-Qaeda could cripple the civilized world.” I personally don’t expect a long-term reconciliation between radical Muslim factions, but I am concerned that the extreme hatred of Christians and Jews and of the United States and Israel that they hold in common may cause them to accept a temporary truce. That will be dangerous for the whole world.

Last week, I called radical Islam a “contagion.” Currently, the most virulent form of that contagion is ISIS. However, it’s not the only deadly form.

Recently, the Czech Military Intelligence Service reported that al-Qaeda, like ISIS, is now successfully using social networking as a recruiting tool throughout the European Union. Citing venues like Facebook and Twitter, the report stated: “Radical ideas have been spreading uncontrollably.”

In other words, radical jihad is contagious and it’s spreading. And we may now be seeing the rise of its most insidious incarnation — the “lone wolf.”

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the recent article in the online edition of The Atlantic. Written by Jeffrey Goldberg, one of America’s top reporters on Middle Eastern affairs, the story features remarks by a “senior Obama administration official” about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The official (who didn’t have the courage to allow his name to be revealed) used a crude schoolyard pejorative that evoked a barnyard image. What’s more, other “unnamed” officials agreed with him.

Not only did they criticize Prime Minister Netanyahu for his steadfast defense of Israel’s sovereignty, but they blatantly called him a coward. They resent the fact that he will not cave to the American administration’s demands to cede enough territory to the Palestinians to make Israel indefensible.

It’s obvious to those who observe the way Washington works that these officials made the demeaning and derogatory remarks about Mr. Netanyahu with President Obama’s tacit approval, if not his outright urging. Mr. Goldberg, who has an insider’s relationship with the White House and the President, noted that Mr. Obama had often alluded to Netanyahu’s “lack of political courage.”

Apparently President Obama and his operatives have trouble discerning between political courage (which Mr. Netanyahu has in abundance) and political arrogance (which they have in abundance).

All of that aside, though, the thing about the article that caused me the most concern was the headline: “The Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations is Officially Here.” Since 1948, when President Harry S. Truman recognized the re-established nation of Israel just 11 minutes after its declaration, America and Israel have had a sort of “big brother, little brother” relationship.

Not only do we have mutual, democratic interests, but Israel is our first line of defense against Islamic terrorism. More importantly, though, because we are a nation founded on Christian principles — no matter what anyone says to the contrary — we are spiritually descended from the Jews. Because of these historical facts, their roots are our roots. That’s why Muslim radicals across the world — both terrorists and terrorist states like Iran — call America “The Great Satan” and Israel “The Little Satan.”

Like it or not, the Muslims recognize America and Israel as being bound together. From a strictly secular and militaristic point of view, if one of us goes down, the other will go down, too. Of course, from a Biblical perspective, we know that’s not going to happen because we know what the Bible promises for the days ahead.

Remember, more important than any of the political or strategic determinations an American administration may make is this fact: God made an irrevocable covenant with the Jews to return them to the land of Israel in the years just prior to the return of Jesus Christ for His church. And He went further. God promised to bless all of those who will bless and protect His chosen people — the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Conversely, God promised to curse those who curse, harm, or abandon them.

That’s why I’m concerned when a top-flight national reporter with close ties to the Obama administration writes, “The crisis in U.S.-Israel relations is officially here.”

I don’t fear what may happen to the United States even if we are attacked by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and all the Muslim terrorists of the world as much as I fear what may happen to the United States if we abandon Israel to the wolves of this world.

God does not lie and He’s not given to idle threats.

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God Bless, Hal Lindsey


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