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This week, I’ll continue my discussion of “Unity at Any Cost” in these closing days of the Age of Grace.

Prophetic scripture is clear that the coming Antichrist will not rise to power on his own. He will have the help of other figures: Satan, of course, the False Prophet, and “The Whore of Babylon.”

We can glean from scripture that “The Whore of Babylon” (a name bestowed by God Himself) is a false religious system. This “system” will marshal the cooperation of a major portion of the earth’s population as it not only acquiesces to the rising “man of lawlessness,” but actively promotes him.

It’s also quite unmistakable from scripture that that false religious system will be centered in Rome.

Now, many people will be critical of any implication that this fact presents certain obvious suggestions. I agree. We have to be careful to realize that the scripture is not identifying a particular institution, but rather a corrupted global “system” that presents itself falsely as true religion.

Back in 1969, in my book The Late Great Planet Earth, I wrote that in the last days we’ll witness a transformation in the institutional churches: “With increasing frequency the leadership of the denominations will be captured by those who completely reject the historical truths of the Bible and deny doctrines, which according to Christ Himself are crucial to believe in order to be a Christian.” I also noted, “There will be unprecedented mergers of denominations into ‘religious conglomerates….’ Most denominations were formed because of deep convictions about certain spiritual truths. As more of these truths are discarded as irrelevant because of unbelief in Biblical authority, there will be no reason to remain divided.”

The reality is that this “system” must be guided and managed by people — or a person. It will not operate on its own in a complete vacuum.

The recent intensifying of efforts by Pope Francis to reunite the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches is enough to make one sit up and take notice. That reunification would put about 1.5 billion people under the direct control of the Pope. If the Protestants — many of whom now identify more closely with Catholic theology than with Martin Luther’s Reformation — were to join that coalition, that would mean that more than a third of the world’s population would be directly and profoundly influenced by a religious leadership based in Rome.

Folks, this isn’t a Hollywood movie plot hatched by some cigar-chomping screenwriter sequestered in a bungalow in Beverly Hills. This is a storyline foretold in stunning detail by prophets writing thousands of years ago.

This is Bible prophecy, all of which has proven over the millennia to be 100% accurate.

That can mean only one thing. It’s time to get ready. We are rushing headlong toward that moment when Jesus will shout, “Come up here!” and millions of “true believers” will instantly join Him in the air.

Don’t be one of those left behind.

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God Bless, Hal Lindsey

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