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Posted by lamarzulli on January 26, 2015

Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural e-news magazine This is an article written by the Director and Producer of the Watchers series and the newly released Torah Code film. In keeping with the Sunday Bun, I thought it would be pertinent to post it here. It will also be featured in our Monthly E-News Magazine.

The Disintegration of Reason in the Pre-Trib World

Richard Shaw

I had to write about a disturbing trend.

I do believe in Freedom of Speech that is at the core of our Constitution. It means that unsuspecting souls can listen to haughty and arrogant people and that is okay. You can be rude, impolite, uncouth, crass and conniving and it’s all legal. It also means that simple-minded people can be enlightened by very smart people with good ideas and pure intent. I love it when that happens.

We live in a rapidly advancing technological civilization that is having unintended consequences on a global level.

We watch old movies where people seem to stay the same age generation after generation. 100 years ago, we made Stars out of people for the first time back in the silent picture days. Actors and actresses were turned into icons — advancing into stardom in a way that mankind had never experienced before. Why? Because before all that happened, there was no film, no radio, no way of getting audio and visual information disseminated worldwide in a few days. Now, it’s instantly available, virtually anywhere. Immediate, and expected. It’s been shot on someone’s cell phone and uploaded. Big events are seen by millions overnight. This is a virtually new phenomena. There is no longer time for an evaluation of the facts. It is also a new development when the governments of the world are basically no longer really in charge, but huge mega corporations with billions in revenue can foster change and mandate rules that can turn entire nations into serfs. It was revealed that 1% of the world’s population now have 99% of the world’s wealth. This also is a shocking figure with dire consequences. If it continues, the level of greed will reach a pinnacle where the people of the world will become enslaved.

With the rise of YouTube, little fiefdoms have sprung up. Manned by individuals that should never be on TV in the first place, many are argumentative. Shouting at the camera. Know it alls. Unpleasant and strident. Guys in front of their webcams holed up in their sometimes messy bedrooms that suddenly have the power to share their poison to a larger community. Most of the time when I look at this stuff, it just looks ridiculous. Many just want to gain YouTube subscribers at any cost, like “crazy Al’s” will do anything to build their business, ministry, or whatever. With all dignity and humility abandoned, they air their grievances about others in an open forum with the dangerous potential of thousands of world-wide viewers — using this platform to cut others down, openly disagree with their ideas and research — criticizing things of which they have no intimate knowledge or have ever attempted themselves. The more degrading and provocative, the greater number of YouTube hits they receive. Essentially, being “rewarded” for being truly obnoxious antagonists. When all they actually do is sit on their butts in front of a webcam. It’s extraordinary.

The problem with this is that many unsuspecting folks may take this information at face value instead of seeing what is really going on. Such rantings are not filled with light, but often make you feel uncomfortable, and at worst case, depressed. Some revel in hearing it, as though by cutting down someone else, justice is somehow served. Others, steeped in boyhood church dogmas that they’ve never taken apart and studied themselves, rise up and join the critique. In a way reminiscent of mob violence, corresponding comments from viewers are rife with incredibly bad English, obscenities, and insults — towards people that they don’t even know. It’s inept, unChristlike, and in short, plain ignorant. Yet, the internet is filled with this rage, and it is growing as fast as Islam.

Some that are rich, tend to try and exploit those who are doing real ministry work. Making high-sounding promises that are not kept, while formulating their own businesses by building off the work of others and calling it their own. They must not think we notice what they’re doing.

Spiritual things are usually not black and white. We can’t totally understand them but if we are humble and search with pure intent there are those times when real trues seem to come tumbling out when you least expect it. The rules are often hidden from view. The scriptures pounded and quoted in rants all over the net are often spoken out of context, often by the one who yells the loudest or has the most subscribers, or the most money. This is not in keeping with how we’re supposed to act. In fact, it’s the total opposite. In my opinion, those who make their daily routine the criticism of others, or of others work, should be summarily ignored. A steady diet of constant ridicule is not intelligent or healthy, and makes one wonder what the true motivations of such a thing really is. We seem to be falling into an abyss of abusive and denigrating comments.

With all that is happening in the world that seems to be weirdly and strangely prophetic, we waste time arguing about the dumbest things. Were the footballs rigged by not filling them with enough air? Who could have done this?? It’s embarrassingly moronic. Yet it persists in the media and re-hashed over and over for days ad nauseam.

Many times, those that rant about others are the most unlikely participants; pastors with ministries, guys with doctorates in front of their names — people you wouldn’t expect to actually have time to use such tactics to get YouTube hits or new subscribers to their blogs. But often, these same people don’t seem to have much to talk about unless they are cutting someone else down, and that’s pretty pathetic in my opinion. At a certain point, it feels like an act of desperation, and sometimes desperate people are like the girl at school that no one wants to date and resorts to unconventional tactics.

Because there is a national lack of trust in the media, or our government, and other related factions, it tends to make us wonder if some of these people are paid disinformation operatives. We know this is going on, but we don’t know who those corps are that are promoting them, or why they would agree to do such a thing for money. But then, I’m amazed at what people will do for cash these days. Greed in a sanctuary once was the only thing that caused Jesus to take a whip and drive out the money-changers. It was the only time we ever read that he did anything other than show love to others.

I’m not talking about standing up for freedom or our rights as a citizen. I’m not arguing about making your voice heard when it could make a difference in a positive way. I’m referring to argumentative people who thrive on making themselves look large by standing on the shoulders of others they criticize.

I’d rather be discovering something — doing an experiment in the lab, spending time with a few rabbis in Israel where they’re showing me what they’re finding in the Torah Codes, listening to those who have had miracles happen in their life — that sort of thing. To me, that’s enormous fun. We can sort out the details later.

There are secrets now being revealed, but not to those who already think they know all the answers — that miracles were for another time. It’s even more fun when you can explore in an air of openness and non-critical attitudes — voice an opinion knowing that it won’t be immediately cut down by some arrogant dude in the room. Imagine all that could be done in such an environment? Throw anything on the table, no matter how improbable, and there might be a new idea brewing there. Being able to share and explore anything and showing how great something could be is how Steve Jobs forever changed the computing world. I’m not saying we have to be idiots and never have a different point of view, but we can present those in a way that fosters more and even greater ideas. Encouraging others without tearing someone else down. This brings me to a discussion I had with one of the most brilliant and humble men I have ever known, professor Eliyahu Rips in Jerusalem.

The last time I spent with this genius, this mathematical wizard, the developer of the Torah Codes, I was actually able to show him a segment from WATCHERS 8. I also brought a casting of the baby mummy skull with me to Israel and set it on his table. The night before, I was talking with him on the phone and gently relating the discoveries that L.A. and I were doing. Gently, because I didn’t know what his reaction might be to the topic of UFOs and the possible Nephilim examples in Peru. He began an impassioned speech on the phone. His voice raised and he said something as best I can remember (I was so shocked at the time that I had to just sit an listen), “people have no idea of what is really going on in this Universe.” He went on, and it felt that the phone had somehow become electrified and the hair stood up on my arms. I will never forget it. Of course, he was correct. He knew we were living in amazing times and believed that only the smartest people would retain an open mind and yet he knew there was also a lot of fakery going on as well.

Daily I get emails from one or two of the Torah Code researchers who are obsessed with looking for anything in the Codes about the Messiah. It’s all they talk about lately. Of course, there are people who will call them crazy. That they’re using junk science, that it is to be ignored, or that they or I am really not all that bright for believing it. But lets consider for a moment what is really happening in the world even as I write this column:

1) King Abdullah died today, and the powers that be in Yemen stepped down. Systems in the Middle East are collapsing.

2) oil prices are at record lows, and Russia and Iran are under extreme financial and diplomatic pressure.

3) Switzerland removed the pegs from the Franc, and the Euro is losing its value.

4) The US is now over $18 trillion in debt, and the dollar could topple at any moment, regardless what the Stock Market is doing.

5) China has become the world’s most powerful economy, over the U.S.

6) Israel is surrounded by warring factions wanting to kill Jews, while the rest of the world seems to always be on the side of the Palestinians and Hamas, (a terrorist organization). Obama has displayed his propensity towards being Islamic, and Boehner invited Netanyahu to the US without even telling Obama. What is Obama’s real agenda?

7) ISIS is growing, and France doesn’t realize how intrenched their Muslim population is.

8) Fraud is in the internet and every aspect of economic funds transfers. Hackers are finding new ways to break into credit card accounts and private files. As more and more transactions are done on mobile devices or wireless means, the possibility of fraud or invasion of personal information increases.

9) the governments of the world are using every means to track, surveil and identify everyone, whether they are a known terrorist or not. Drones are getting more sophisticated, and facial recognition software is rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Now, there is software that can be used to control groups of drones, in swarms, and they will all fly as a coordinated cluster.

10) scientists are playing with the DNA of man and of plants and animals. If not dealt with soon, we could become permanently transformed with unknown results as new generations are exposed to toxins, genetically modified foods, radioactivity, and other known and unknown chemical or virus-related illnesses.

11) Fukushima continues to quietly release tons of radioactive water per day into the Pacific Ocean. Now, they’re finding whales beaching themselves as other weird sea creatures wash up on California shores. We could lose more sea life. Scientists are becoming alarmed.

12) there is daily geo-engineering going on around the world as planes continue to spray aerosols into the atmosphere to control the weather. This has been confirmed, that nano-sized particles of aluminum, barium and boron are being sprayed in enormous volume into the atmosphere. Then, the stock market is betting on its effects to crops and the world, and the elite make billions.

There is the scripture in Joel 2:31, “the sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood.” Both, ironically, happens this year — two blood moons and a solar eclipse. There is an uneasiness all over the world. One article said that the world seemed to be on the edge of a “nervous breakdown.”

I wrote some of these things to rabbi Glazerson this evening, since he is the one looking for Codes on the Messiah, as well as professor Rips and Art Levitt.

I find myself stopping just to pray about whatever that’s concerning me, whenever the moment strikes. I know something is about to happen, and yet I could be wrong. I’ve been fooled before. All I know is that I’ve never seen a time quite like this. I find it disturbing and unsettling, and I’m sure someone will read this and say that I am a f—ing idiot, among other expletives that are now commonplace on the net.

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