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The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.

by L. A. Marzulli

This is a re-post from an earlier BLOG. You will notice I’ve highlighted section in red. Please pay special attention to those sentences! It would appear that the King is on the move. L.A.

Jordan Strikes At ISIS; Obama Said To Be Preparing To Request War Powers

“So news that U.S. search and rescue crews are moving to northern Iraq to be closer to the battle space has been greeted warmly here. Al-Kaseasbeh’s brutal killing has many Jordanians backing their country’s role in the fight against ISIS, and the king says Jordan’s response will be harsh and ongoing.”

Map of Middle East – to view go to:

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

As most of you know, I love maps. They can show us at a glance what is happening in any given area of the world and this map certainly does that.

ISIL—Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—has, for all practical purposes, taken over the country of Iraq. While they do not yet control Baghdad, the city may soon fall to the Islamists.

ISIL has come right up to the neighboring border with Jordan. They have threatened to behead King Abdullah as they consider him an infidel.

The Hashemite Kingdom is also taxed to the limit with the influx of 600,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the turmoil in the ongoing civil war in that country.

The King is in real trouble here and it is certainly time for him to make a move. If he liberates Iraq from ISIL—most likely with the help of American forces—he would be hailed as a hero by the citizens there. Would this then lead to the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom in Iraq? This is what I have put forth numerous times on this blog. However, as of this post, the king is not on the move and it appears he has no intentions of liberating any country soon, at least for now.

With the recent beheading of journalist James Foley, and the slaughter of countless people in their wake, ISIL has shown its true colors. These are barbarians who rob, kill, rape and pillage. They will only be stopped when another military force defeats them. There are just wars. Hitler and the Nazi’s were maniacs and conducted the same type of genocide, which ISIL is now practicing, wherever they went. Nazi Stormtroopers would overwhelm a village and then conduct mass executions, machine-gunning thousands of people and burying them in mass graves. ISIL is doing the same thing everywhere it goes. They must be stopped and the only way to do that is by direct military engagement.

For every thing there is a season a time for every purpose under heaven….

The King and the USA have a close relationship. I would posit that there are daily talks going back and forth and it may be possible that there is some military countermeasure being planned even as I write this.

If the US backed King Abdullah, he would have a good chance of defeating ISIL. The scenario could go something like this. Jordanian troops would be the boots on the ground, but they would be reinforced with US air support. ISIL has no air force, so air attacks by the US, would cripple their entire infrastructure. Jordanian troops would be responsible for the clean up operations throughout Iraq. I believe the people in Iraq would hail the King as the man of the hour. Of course, unless the King engages, none of this will happen and I believe ISIL will attack Jordan at some point.

In closing todays post. When the Iraqi’s were constructing their constitution in the wake of the Saddam Hussein’s overthrow, the King of Jordan offered to set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq. His offer was declined, but the point is, it was offered. The Hashemite Kings once controlled Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. They came to power by way of the Brits and French who installed them in these newly formed countries after the Turkish/Ottoman empire was defeated in WWI. The Baath party overthrew two of the kings, in Syria and in Iraq, but the people remember that at one time the Hashemites ruled.

It’s not to far of a stretch to think that the King might engage militarily, as if he sits by and does nothing, he could lose his entire kingdom, not to mention his head. If he does liberate Iraq and rid the world of ISIL, he would be hailed as an international hero. Will the king go to war? It’s now or never, but in the end we’ll have to see what he does…


2 thoughts on “LA Marzulli’s Blog – The King is on the Move!

  1. Hello, LA:
    Lee Bush here. We met at 2nd Pike’s Peak conference. I remember the talk by Koenig on ISIS and their intent to assassinate the King of Jordan as well as blowing up the Kaaba. With the large Palestinian refuge population in Jordan and the long border, Israel will not be able to avoid war if ISIS succeeds in Jordan.
    By the way, I gave you some materials from Reasons To Believe, the CD on the fossil record by Fazale Rana and the recent book by Hugh Ross. I would enjoy receiving some feedback from you on them if and when you have time. Their ministry is expanding rapidly.
    Milly and I are in the midst of moving from California to Kalispell, Montana, not because its safer and saner here, but to be with our grandchildren during these awesome days. God miraculously blessed us by overseeing the purchase of an almost new home here at auction. I am considering starting another Reasons To Believe Chapter here, if God leads.
    I want to suggest a person that all of us should pay careful attention to as we face this third Shemita, Dan Celia at Financial airing on the NRB Channel, 7 a.m. your time M-F. Perhaps you already are aware of his excellent ministry.
    I am missing Gary Stearman’s presence as well as others on Prophecy In The News. It occurs to me that those in charge of the ministry may have found some theological issue with him, perhaps “young earth vs. old earth?” Just a guess on my part, but the selection of guests are much different there now.
    I am going to follow you here on the internet in the future. I wish you well as you work to wake up a sleeping body of Christ.
    God bless you and hope to hear from you some time.
    Lee Bush

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