Rapture Ready – Nearing Midnight – by Terry – Israel’s Vote and Joel’s Prophecy

Listening to the mainstream news talking heads the day after the elections in Israel has been self-validating. Like so many who try to use common sense in considering these strange times, I didn’t see any way the people of Israel would throw a strong defender of their nation out in order to install a Neville Chamberlain-like leader in such a critical political position at such a crucial time.

Days leading up to Tuesday, March 17, vote by the Israeli people brought from liberal journalists every possible reason why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should lose and a more conciliatory government be installed.

I have never heard such announced polling data forecasting a likely win that turned out to be so starkly wrong. The American press predicted a close race with Hertzog, Netanyahu’s opponent for prime minister, to be in the lead right up until the exit polls began on election day. Then it changed to “the election has tightened.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, as it turned out, claimed victory relatively early–so dramatically in his party’s favor had the voting gone. –This, even despite the American president having sent an election advisory team to Israel to help Netanyahu’s political opposition. I must admit: I basked in the results of that election. I envy the people who had the good sense to re-elect the type leader (through their own brand of party politics) that I would hope we in America will be wise enough to elect again one day, should the world wag on in its precipitous state for a time yet.

While contemplating all of this–how pleased I was, and am, with the election results–I was brought back in a moment of epiphany to the deeper reality of what it all might mean in terms of God’s prophetic Word.

Benjamin Netanyahu made one campaign adjustment at the last minute that–my spiritual senses reminded–seemed to make the difference in his momentum toward re-election. He promised that if his government was returned to leadership, he would not allow a two-state solution to the ongoing Palestinian conflict with Israel.

We now get a sense of exactly the import of the prime minister’s speech before Congress on March 3. He laid out his case for why Israel must be on alert at all times against Iran and all of its enemy neighbors. At the heart of the hatred for Israel, of course, is the very point of the two-state solution much of the world of the diplomatic realm wants to force upon the Jewish state. At the same time, the Iranian antagonists and all other of the Islamist peoples surrounding Israel want only a one-state solution. They have voiced it many, many times since the establishment of Israel in 1948. Nasser, Sadat, and most every leader of Arab nations and of terrorist organizations in the Middle East have declared that they want Israel off the land it “occupies.”

They, in fact, have often, like the Nazis, proclaimed that the Jew is the problem with the lack of “peace” in the region and world. Every Jew should, therefore, be expunged from the earth.

There has been conjecture among those who watch the issues and events of the times, analyzing them in light of Bible prophecy. Many indicated they sensed that if Benjamin Netanyahu had lost the election, such a result putting a Hertzog government in power would speed the dividing of the land, thus bring on Armageddon.

The prophecy by Joel the prophet reads: “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3: 2).

I understand where those considering the prophecy might reasonably conclude that dividing the land spoken here speaks to a future time when, for example, Antichrist causes the land to be divided as part of the covenant of Daniel 9: 26. Or, perhaps the dividing of the land might be thought to mean a precursor agreement such as one made by Obama and John Kerry or some others in the Roadmap to Peace process .

However, in the much greater context, God’s land has been divided for centuries by the world of nation-states. The land has been forced by the Babylonian system of successive governments to carve up God’s real estate covenant with Israel. For this, the world is about to pay a terrible price–be brought to the killing field called Armageddon.

The Obama administration is simmering over what it calls Netanyahu’s “divisive rhetoric” regarding the prime minister now saying that he will not allow two states. If the president and the rest of the world diplomatic enclave could truly be made to understand the immensely greater danger of their own divisive demands–those demands against God’s chosen nation–they would indeed be trembling instead of pushing for the phony peace that Joel and Isaiah say will destroy much of the world’s population.

. It was learned that late into the election week, the Obama Administration indicated it might now favor removing sanctions from Iran, while recommending sanctions be put on Israel. It is reported that the president, petulantly-through implied things to come-is thinking about going to the UN Security Council directly, thereby bypassing the negotiating process, to recommend that the UN declare a Palestinian state. In times past, the U.S. fought against such tyranny. This president wants to use such a process to get what he wants, no matter what, apparently-to show Netanyahu and the world he always gets his way.

We are in the most dangerous times in U.S. history. But, we must also be in the time very near hearing the call from Jesus: “Come up here!”



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