Christian News – Video Surfaces of Christians Singing ‘Who Makes Nations Tremble?’ at Moment Earthquake Rocked Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal — A video has surfaced online of Christians singing about God making the nations tremble at the exact moment that the earthquake rocked the country on Monday.
Three young men had begun singing the hymn “Almighty, Unchangeable God” at a house church meeting.

“Who spread out the clouds before Him? Who fashioned the earth with His hands?” the men sang. “Who created the starry host and formed the earth at His command?”

The congregation sat listening quietly.

“Who scatters lightning before Him? Commands the rain and snow to fall?”

“Who makes the nations tremble?” they sang.

At the exact moment the men sang the line, the room began to shake.

“Earthquake,” one woman said calmly to the others, but her voice gaining urgency as she repeated the word. “Earthquake. Earthquake!”

Second later, screams rang out as the room shook. The Christians called upon the name of the Lord.

“Let’s pray!” one called out.

“Lord, You are there!” another said.

“Jesus! Jesus!” a third proclaimed.

Within a minute, the ground stopped shaking and the people calmly moved outside.

Jason and Charity Woon, a missionary couple that lives in Nepal, posted the footage to their Facebook page on Thursday.

“I have no words to describe this video,” they wrote. “It holds such a wide range of emotions for me. ‘He makes the nations to tremble.’ Read the words. Watch what happens when they reach the word ‘tremble.’”

The couple has been helping with aid in the country following the earthquake, along with other Christians in the region.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake is said to have resulted in over 6,000 deaths with many still missing.

Editor’s Note: Those interested in donating to the church and others affected by the earthquake may go here.

To watch video go here:


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