Israel Video Network – The Prophecies That Are Coming True Before Our Eyes

Watch Video:!&utm_campaign=20150507_m125681058_5%2F7+WEEKLY+Top+Weekly%3A+The+Prophecies+That+Are+Coming+True+Before+Our+Eyes+and+MORE!&utm_term=The+Prophecies+That+Are+Coming+True+Before+Our+Eyes

If you were to ask someone on the street “What is your history? Tell me about your roots…”, he or she may not be able to tell you. They may be able to discuss grandparents or perhaps greatgrandparents. But Jews could take you on a journey through 4000 years of time. And they are still living that history. The words of the bible live on in modern-day Israel. Jeremy Gimple, Rabbi Berel Wein, Jon Voight and others for a simple lesson in “Prophecy coming alive”. Learn what makes Israel a completely unique and supernatural phenomemon.


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