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My prayers go out for David and His family and friends that God’s will be done in their life and He fill them with His peace that surpasses our human understanding.

In 2011 I lost my sweet husband of 31 years. God taught me a lot during that time, but most importantly he taught me that born again believers belong to Him, and are only on loan to us, and that when our job for Him on earth is complete He rewards us by taking us home. In this fallen world often this occurs through illness. I also learned that our attitude about our illness and our faith in God during that difficult time is often our greatest testimony for those around us, watching us and listening to us, those who are left behind. My hubby had ALS and I believe God promoted Him for His unwavering faith and testimony during this difficult disease. God did not make Him live out this disease as He could have but took Him home early. What joy it brings to my heart to know that the moment he was absent from his body he was in the glorious presence of our Lord and Saviour. For me, Jesus has been by my side every minute of every day, seeing me though and providing for me, but most importantly He has given me His peace which surpasses our human understanding and the joy of the Lord. I celebrate my husband’s life, the testimony of faith and courage he left behind as an example to me. I know one day soon I will see Him again. Until then I do my best to live each day in a manner that will bring glory to the name Lord; sharing the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with everyone God opens the door too, so that others may know the wonderful peace that only God can provide when we know Jesus as our Lord and Saviour; no matter what is happening in the world around us, we have the assurance of eternal life in His presence.

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Note: The carefully selected picture of the bun to the left to avoid the scrutiny and fury of the Heresy Hunters!  LOL!

I have a friend whose name is David.  I’ve known him for about 35 years.  We used to hang out before I became a Christian and David, along with Wayne—whom I dedicated The Cosmic Chess Match too—acted as a life-line for me in the early days of leaving the kingdom of darkness and being brought into the Light of the Lord’s kingdom.

David is now 61 and he has Prostate Cancer.  He went through a round of radiation treatment and the doc’s thought they got it in time.  Turns out the doc’s were wrong and the cancer has come back with a vengeance.

David can no longer walk and is in the hospital.

I spoke to him yesterday on the phone…

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