Rapture Ready – Nearing Midnight – Old Demonic Lies and Shemitah Ponderings

by Todd

I have always despised the term “politically correct.” It is a system of belief that has nothing to do with political thinking in a common sense correct manner. What is true for one group has no bearing on another.

I was recently listening to a political commentator put this problem in secular terms by saying, the issue is about liberals replacing objective truth with one that’s based on subjective thinking. Generally, objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject’s individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings.

People who try to use logic here are wasting their time. The only way to make sense out of this world is to understand that there are spiritual forces using this correctness ploy to advance their own evil agendas. It is just the old demonic lies repackaged. Only the devil could come up with a system where homosexuality, abortion, atheism are viewed positively, while Christian values are seen in a negative light.

The greatest contradiction has to be the placating treatment of Islam. This faith runs against nearly every core value that liberals treasure and yet it gets a free pass every time.

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama proved this fact when she visited a Muslim girl’s school in London. She told the student audience that they might hear people make stereotyped comments about their religion, but that they cannot afford to be discouraged.

“You might wonder if people will ever look beyond your headscarf to see who you really are,” she said. “But with your education from this amazing school you have everything you need to rise above it.” The First Lady then said, “Your story is my story” because she faces discrimination back home. Most Americans are unfamiliar with Michelle’s habit of trash talking our nation because the liberal media never covers her comments.

The problem with this Islam-is-wonderful narrative is that the school is located in the Tower Hamlets district of London. An area known for housing a disproportionate number of radical Islamists, and is the leading district in Britain for female genital mutilation. The school is also a haven for several anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups. Mrs. Obama has no conflict with Islamic beliefs because deep down they are branches of her own mindset.

Another example of how these demonic lies have permeated our culture is the ability of Bruce Jenner to capture the country’s attention by claiming to be a woman. As he transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, the liberal media did their best to label the process as normal. Anyone with common sense knows that there is something horribly wrong with this man.

With identity an open issue, the way was cleared for Rachel Dolezal to say she is a black woman when it is obvious that she is white. The press has been so busy propagating the idea that African-Americans are an oppressed minority that their brains temporarily malfunction when encountering a woman who purposely labels herself as black.

Many folks in the conservative camp think the tide is turning because the liberals have been discredited by recent failures. But liberalism is not about learning from its mistakes. Rolling Stone magazine has been forced to fire a dozen staffers right after its disastrous, “A Rape on Campus” article. Yet there is no indication that fact-checking will be used for any future RS article motivated by a feminist ranting.

The liberal bias of CNN and MSNBC has put them in the ratings dumper for years. These networks are not concerned about growing their audience because they have a master (the devil) who only cares about advancing his wicked agenda.

The indication that we’ve reached the zenith of this craziness has to be Pope Francis taking up the climate change cause. It doesn’t matter that that 95 percent of climate models predicting global temperature rises have been wrong. The Pope is talking like Al Gore because society has reached the tipping point of global delusion.

I’m sure when the Antichrist comes along he will be the biggest environmentalist, gay-friendly, Islam loving leader the world has ever seen. Being so close to the Tribulation hour, the Beast of Revelation might be serving in some public office right now.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

Shemitah Ponderings by Terry

America, I am of the persuasion, stands at its most critical juncture in the history of the republic. Its final disposition, at least considering this dispensation, might well already be set within the fate of nations–i.e., the immediate future of the U.S. might now be beyond the ability of mere human political/governmental processes to salvage.

Two parts of the above requires clarification. First, my thoughts include consideration of the possibility that America now is being swept along by the supernatural tide of prophecy. Human instrumentalities might no longer, in fact, pilot this ship of state. This is not to diminish the scriptural truth that the God of Heaven is in ultimate control of nations and of history. It might be, however, that He has, for now–because of rejection of His guidance—moved away from the helm.

If not human governors, then what or who is in charge while the nation enters some of the most treacherous geopolitical waters of our history?

A most troublesome question indeed…

The second part of the opening paragraph that needs clarification is the following” “[America’s] final disposition, at least considering this dispensation, might well already be set within the fate of nations.”

By this, I mean that while America’s fate for the balance of this dispensation (Age of Grace) and into the Tribulation period might already be sealed prophetically in a tragic way, the nation might again achieve God-blessed nationhood–and even of a more spectacular nature—during the Millennium, the thousand-year reign of Christ.

The United States has been a friend of Israel, and I have to believe–at least fervently hope–that God’s blessings, which we have enjoyed beyond measure throughout our brief history, might be restored because of our until-now close relationship to the Jewish state. –That, and the fact that America has been used to spread the gospel across the world for our entire history.

But, if that is destined to be, that is for that future time. For now, the forces at the helm of the American ship of state are driving the nation into dangerous shoals in many ways. We have pondered over the wrong turns America’s leadership is taking the country many times in these Nearing Midnight commentaries.

Just to mention a few…

America’s Supreme Court said our children could no longer pray or read Bible Scriptures in public schools in 1963 and 1964. That court ruled that babies could be aborted in 1973, bringing on infanticide (and that’s what it is). More than 55 million children in their mothers’ wombs have been systematically executed since that date. The U.S. government, its most recent president, and the federal courts, in conjunction with the mainstream news and entertainment media, have pushed the homosexual agenda at every turn. Our vernacular has become salacious and politically correct in ways that has perverted society and culture beyond recognition. Our founding fathers, if they could witness the travesty the progressive thinkers have perpetrated on America, from their times in history, peering into ours, they would likely have decided to just pay the king his homage and forget the whole thing.

And, I don’t dismiss or excuse the complicity of the Laodicean church and it’s inward turning to false doctrines and pursuit of riches in bringing about America’s downfall.

I have waited long, and thought hard, before weighing in on my friend Jonathan Cahn’s book,The Mystery of the Shemitah. My reaction to his first book on America’s movement toward the turbulent sea of nation-state shipwrecks, The Harbinger, was instantaneous recognition that, although presented in fictional form, the book was God-sent warning. I expressed this, by way of review, although there were many detractors to the book’s giving such God-directed warning.

Cahn’s follow-up, I have concluded, after prayer, consideration, and observation of swiftly deteriorating conditions at every level of our nation’s activities, is that The Mystery of the Shemitah is a second warning from the heart of God, who loves and cares about this special nation He founded as surely as He founded Israel.

Now, before some say I have just said that God has covenants with America in the way He has with Israel, let me say that’s not the case. But, He does deal in the same ways with nations–inclusive of America and Israel, as both the Bible and history proves. There is most definitely a linkage of God’s dealings with Israel in matters of the Shemitah, and His dealing with this country in terms of His divine discipline. Those people God chooses to bless, He will discipline when they pull away from His divine direction.

The difference between the Lords’s dealing in this way with Israel versus dealing with America is that God has promised that there will always be an Israel, no matter what. He has expressed no such promise to this once-great nation He so profoundly hovered over at its founding and through the centuries that have followed.

September 13 of this year is the date many are thrusting forward as the date America and the world gets their comeuppance, based upon that view of what the Shemitah means for our time. I completely disagree that the date will necessarily bring judgment and wrath and/or spectacular reaction from the Lord.

The Lord is patient, and His timing can’t be corralled into our own concepts of how and when He should act or react. But, judgment is coming. In my view, it is unlikely it will or even can be deterred. But, all things are possible with God, as His own Son, Jesus Christ, told us.

The writer of the book in question, himself, has not put the Lord in some human, time-constraint box. Here is what Jonathan has said about the Shemitah:

Nothing significant has to happen. …The phenomenon may manifest itself in one cycle, not in another, and then again in the next. And the focus of the message is not date-setting but the call of God to repentance and return. At the same time, something of significance could take place, and it is wise to note the times.

He further said the following, and I am in complete agreement:

I believe a great shaking is coming to this nation and to the world. I believe that this shaking will involve economic and financial collapse, though it will not necessarily be confined or limited to those realms.

I have long believed that it will be the Rapture of the church of Jesus Christ that will initiate the dire consequences of judgment. Remember, Jesus told us–and this is a Rapture prophecy, not a Second Advent prophecy— that He will next intervene catastrophically at a time exactly like it was in the days of Noah and in the days of Lot. Judgment will fall that very day, Jesus said. (Read Matthew 24:36-42 and Luke 26-30.)

Examine yourself, as will I examine my own life. Be sure you are Rapture Ready!



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