Prophecy Watchers – Inhuman

by Tom Horn and Joe Ardis:

Tom Horn is back in a BIG way. His new ground-breaking documentary on transhumanism, INHUMAN, is absolutely shocking-controversial enough to get one banned from television! Tom brought a bizarre “prop” to the program-an actual human, gene-altering laboratory kit that enables one to change one’s own DNA! This CRISPR kit and the technology behind it screams “days of Noah” and the bizarre events the Bible describes in Genesis chapter 6. Sci-Fi takes on new meaning as Tom and Joe Ardis let us see what’s behind “Door Number 3.” Cloning . . . genetic modification of human embryos . . . experiments with plants and animals . . . throw ethics out the window-we’ve entered a new world-a world of super-humans, chimeras, super-soldiers, or perhaps a new variety of Nephilim! Pandemonium has arrived!

Watch this segment:


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