Global Watch Weekly – Ancient Giants who ruled America

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In this edition of GWW we take a look at the question, Why is there so much debate about the role of the Smithsonian Institute (the world’s oldest museum) and an alleged cover up of the bones of giants found in places like Arkansas and Western Virginia?

We’ve also all grown up hearing stories about a variety of tall beings: Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack of American folklore, The biblical account of David and the giant Goliath, The gods and goddesses of Greek mythology known as the Titans, Jack, who climbed a beanstalk and encountered a giant, And, of course, ever since his national debut in 1928, we’ve been exposed to nearly daily images of a very tall, reportedly friendly green giant who rules over a huge valley of vegetables.

But what challenge does the finding of races of giants in America pose to those who believe in the theory of evolution? Is the Smithsonian Institute trying to protect Darwin’s theory of evolution because evolution does not account for race of giants existing in the history of the human race?

In many of the articles found in great pieces of research, the museum comes and takes the unearthed skeletons and relics for further studying, only to never be seen again. The Smithsonian is not the only governmental type organization to cover-up these finds. In some cases, the state got involved as well. But the result remained the same- the skeletons and relics were never seen again!

What is the reason for such weird and bizarre behavior?

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Ancient Giants who ruled America

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