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July 1st, 2016

240 years ago the United States of America declared its independence from Great Britain.

Last week, Britain had an independence day of its own. The citizens of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

Voters turned out in droves. 52% voted to “Leave” the EU. 48% voted to “Remain.” Even with that fairly close margin, more people voted to “Leave” the EU than ever voted for anything in Britain’s history.

Prior to the referendum, the fear-mongering from commentators, British and European public officials, economists, professors, celebrities, and most newspapers warned of an imminent economic apocalypse if the UK left the EU.

The drive to leave the European Union was referred to as “Brexit.” That loosely represents “British exit.”

The British people — not the British government — decided to leave for several reasons, but they can be summed up in a single phrase: Loss of sovereignty.

As part of the EU, Britain did not even control her own borders. As a result, European policy has sent Britain a flood of immigrants, many from terrorist strongholds. And the British had virtually no say in the matter.

The European Union is the “federal government” of Europe. For years, it has been sucking up the rights and responsibilities of the previously sovereign nations which are part of it.

The executive branch of the EU is the European Commission (EC). Members of the EC are not elected by the citizens so they are not accountable to the citizens. These unelected bureaucrats are making life miserable for many Europeans by their unbelievable regulations and restrictions. (Sound familiar?)

Boris Johnson, the eccentric former mayor of London, was one of the leaders of the “Brexit” movement. He discussed the rampant over-regulation by EU bureaucrats: “Sometimes these EU rules sound ludicrous, like the rule you can’t recycle a teabag, or that children under eight cannot blow up balloons, or the limits on the power of vacuum cleaners.”

The EU even has a regulation limiting the curvature of bananas!

And they’re about to place restrictions on the power usage of household appliances like toasters and hair dryers.

Silly though it sounds, over-regulation costs people their livelihoods. It destroys industries and neighborhoods. It severely and unnecessarily restricts human liberty.

It will be fascinating to watch what happens to Britain and the vast money machine known as the European Union in the wake of this decision. I personally do not believe it will be as dire a catastrophe as the global “establishment” is predicting.

But the European elites have another problem — liberty is contagious. Even now, as many as five other countries are contemplating joining the UK in leaving the EU. They include France, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, and Hungary.

Many have written to us and other ministries asking if we believe there are prophetic implications with “Brexit.”

My short answer is, “Yes.”

My longer answer is, “I don’t know for certain what they will be.”

If you are a regular viewer of this program or a reader of my books, you will remember that I have always told you this: Prophecy rarely moves in a straight line! The Bible gives us snapshots of the future, but does not give a road map detailing every little turn along the way.

God told us where the world is going, but not every detail of how it will get there.

While I personally think “Brexit” presents a rare moment of good news in geopolitics, it’s important to realize that it also presents a danger. When an old world order implodes, a new one always rises. The very people who fought the hardest to keep Britain in the fold are now plotting ways to turn this into a disaster they can use to their advantage.

From the perspective of Bible prophecy, “Brexit” illustrates two forces that seem contradictory: The rise of “globalism” and the simultaneous rise of “nationalism.”

Of these days, Jesus once said, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.” (Matthew 24:7 NASB)

Two millennia ago, Jesus predicted something that has now become so common we have a name for it: Identity Politics. The Bible tells us that as we approach the final days of this Age, schisms between “people groups” will increase. At the same time, we will see “globalism” on an unprecedented scale.

That “globalism” will culminate in a one world government under the control of the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

The forces of globalism and nationalism may logically seem contradictory. Yet we already see them at work all around us.

Britain is leaving the EU, but intends to remain in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Even as nationalism rises, the countries of the world are banding together into giant “trade confederations.” And these “partnerships” already have tremendous control over their member nations.

Britain leaving the EU illustrates the worldwide rise of “nationalism.” The international panicky reaction to its leaving shows the new strength of “globalism.” And, according to the Bible, it’s just a preview of things to come.

Hey! Remember the “Occupy” movement of just a few years ago?

Protesters took over parks and streets — all without any attempt to follow the law or obtain permits for their activities. They stayed 24 hours a day, even when the law prohibited anyone to stay overnight.

In the streets, they shut down traffic. They even tried to take over public buildings.

They subverted the law by the force of their numbers. They made it an act, not just of civil disobedience, but sometimes of violence. People were actually accosted. There were even rapes!

Sometimes, after they were over, the encampments had to be cleaned by workers in hazmat suits. In one city, after an “Occupy” protest, clean-up crews removed 25 tons of filth.

The common thread of the “Occupy” protests was the flagrant, intentional flaunting of the rule of law.

Last week, the “Occupy” movement came to Capitol Hill.

A band of 60 Democrat lawmakers — including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — staged a “sit in” on the floor of the House of Representatives. Nothing quite like it has ever happened before in the U.S. capitol.

In essence, our national lawmakers flaunted the very concept of the rule of law.

In the wake of the Orland massacre, the mainstream media portrayed them as heroic.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan described it as a “publicity stunt” to force the House to consider radical gun control legislation. It was a publicity stunt because the legislation had already been defeated in the Senate and was not being considered by the lower chamber.

But, folks, the issue here is not guns, it’s “mob rule.” It’s always frustrating to be the minority party in either house of the Congress. But in the past, both parties believed in the rule of law.

Illegally “occupying” the House chamber disrespects the very concept of representative government embodied by the House of Representatives.

The “sit in” was suspended for the Fourth of July holiday, but the threat of another protest in search of new restrictions on our Second Amendment rights still looms over Washington.

It seems with this protest by the Democrats, our government has turned a corner. If, through civil disobedience, the minority party can bring a halt to the work of the Congress, it may no longer matter who wins the majority.

Think about what has happened. For many in Congress, the place where law is created has ceased to be a place where law is respected.

Folks, “government” is one of the God-given pillars of human civilization. It stands between us and anarchy.

Jesus said that in the last days, “Lawlessness will abound.” ()Matthew 24:12 NKJV) And now we’ve seen “lawlessness” manifest itself on the floor of the hallowed chamber where our laws are created.

Finally, in a time of unprecedented stress on each of us as individuals, we need some good news. And that good news is that as followers of Christ, we don’t need to hide our heads in the sand to escape the things that are bearing down upon us.

In fact, we can lift our heads! Our liberation is growing ever nearer!

But if you have any doubt that you are ready for the day when Jesus Christ will return to snatch His true followers out of harm’s way, I am going to show you how easy God has made it for us to join His eternal family!

Don’t miss this opportunity to take care of this issue in your life once and for all. Invite others who need to hear this “good news” to tune in, too.

I want to wish all of you a “Happy Fourth of July!” Please, don’t get so busy with all of the fun and festivities that you forget to thank God for this wonderful nation He has given us. Truly, we are the most blessed people on earth!

God bless you and God Bless America!

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God Bless, Hal Lindsey


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