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About me:  I have been a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for 52 years.  I was saved when I was six years old. I love God, I love to study God’s Word and share what I have learned with others.  I love Prophecy and believe it is in the process of being fulfilled right before our eyes.

I am a widow.  My hubby and best friend for 31 years went home to be with the Lord in 2011.  He loved the Lord and God promoted Him from this life to the life he was created to live.  It brings such joy to my soul when I think of Him with our Lord.

I am the author of the Book “Simplifying the Christian Life” a book that t I wrote in 2009, in obedience to God; relating the things that He taught me about faith, prayer and spiritual warfare, while going through a terminal diseases, “Pulmonary Fibrosis,” with my husband. God miraculously healed Him by giving Him two new lungs.  A year or so after I wrote the book, he diagnosed with a second terminal disease, ALS.  No, I am not kidding! We were in the devils cross hairs.

God has led me to tell the rest of our story.  It is a story of complete faith and trust in God to heal him once again, which He did, but not the way I expected.  I never once doubted that God would heal him and then one day without warning God took him home.  I want to share with others how God has blessed me so abundantly through my loss, kept me filled with His peace, His love and the joy of the Lord, in spite of everything.  God is so awesome, He taught me that we are too earth centric.  This is not our home, and when our job here is finished, He takes us home.  Our loved ones belong to God, they are just on loan to us.  We are here to choose who we want to follow throughout eternity. God or the god of this world.  If we choose God, then our job is to share the saving gospel with the lost and let our life be our testimony, a light in this dark world.  God promoted my husband for His faith, into the life he was truly created to live; but He still has work for me to do here.  I look forward to the day when we will all get to go home to be with the Lord, but in the mean time we must occupy until He comes.

As I work on the rest of the story,  my prayer is that God will give me just the right words to touch the hearts of those going through similar situations.  I want to share the positive aspect of losing a Christian loved one, instead of grieving we should be rejoicing; and we should be seeking God; asking Him to show us what He has for us to do now that our life has changed; because He always has something wonderful and He always brings blessings and lessons out of tragedy, if we look for them.

 “Simplifying the Christian Life” lays out the simple Biblical principles to live a happy, content, satisfying and victorious life in Christ no matter what your circumstances.  I am hoping to have the revisions done by the end of the year so I can have “Simplifying the Christian Life Revisited” available by March 2014.

I currently live in Oklahoma, USA on 9 acres with five ornery but extremely lovable dogs, two Lhasa Apso’s, Snickers and Punkin, a Westie named Tough Guy, a French bulldog mix named Gracie and a Chihuahua mix named Kiki, who have me well trained!

I hope you are blessed by my Blog.  Jesus is coming soon, we need to be ready!

Simplifying The Christian Life

10 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Thank you Tonya, you are a true blessing to all of us true born again believers, I really like your book and will be looking forward to the next one. I agree, our time here is short, we need to make the most of it, and talk to those who will listen.

  2. Hi Tonya! I’m 64 and live alone and love the Lord! I ‘stumbled’ upon your website – WOW! I have been blessed by your articles and your testimony! Thank you for this website, your contributions – what a faith builder reading all of this is! God bless you 1000 fold for stepping out and stepping up to stand for our wonderful Lord and Savior! I’ve already shared your testimony on FB with another christian widow my age with Parkinsons who is struggling. I know it will greatly encourage her as it has me!

    • Hi Gae, thank you so much for your kind words, you brought me to tears. I am so happy that you are blessed by both my testimony and my blog. That is a blessing to me and I so hope my testimony encourages your friend. We have such an awesome God. He will see us through anything that comes our way as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus. Satan wants so much to distract us, to get us focused on ourselves instead of Jesus who is the source of our strength. I have learned that as long as I live my life for God and seek His will, He takes care of the things that come up. God taught me to live one day at a time to the fullest for Him. He gives us the greatest peace and the joy of the Lord in the midst of our greatest troubles and that is the first thing that Satan wants to steal from us but He can’t as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus. Please tell your friend I will be praying for her, that God will give her both strength and peace. What a wonderful opportunity she has to serve God with a testimony of faith during this difficult trial. God rewarded my husband for His faith and testimony through His illness. He promoted him for his faith to life God actually created Him to live, with Him. His job on earth was done so God took His faithful servant home. What joy that brings my heart, he is where we who love the Lord all want to be. Blessing to you my dear sister in Christ. Love Tonya

  3. Bornagainbeliever: I’ve been “hooked” on watching Biblical Prophecy come true for several years now – and my Web surfing brought me to your Blog today. Just wish I’d found it sooner – so much good stuff to read!
    I was “there” for my elderly Mom for 11 years after my Dad passed away. So when she went Home 3 years ago, my world looked pretty empty. But the Lord instead filled it to over-flowing with a precious Church family, and so much to do in His service that I need a Planner for the first time in my life! I have found such an abundance of Love, Joy and fulfillment that my amazement never ends. Truly, He blesses us ten-fold when we trust Him.
    Looking forward to your articles! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and yours.

    • Hi Dee, thank you so much for taking the time to post. How awesome is our God, what blessings He brings into our life when we are willing to wait on Him to guide us into His will. What joy He brings to our heart and His peace is the one thing I could never live without. Blessings, Tonya

  4. Dear bornagainbeliever, Thank you for your Christ honoring site….which I stumbled upon while referencing an article I wrote:) I read your testimony and the glory our Lord received through you and your husband as you dealt with his health concerns. Keep up the great work as your site points directly to our Lord Jesus.
    Howard Green
    Concerning The Times

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